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Our Culture

Future Fitouts dedicates time, money and energy to continually improve our business and ensure excellence in service, communication and delivery is guaranteed every time.

Our team is well rehearsed with the culture of the “Future Fitouts Way” and understands the importance of our internal systems that have been created to deliver consistency and quality control.

We believe in a FUN and HAPPY workplace!! Our goal is to create a workplace where people WANT to and LOVE coming to work!

We encourage our team to strive and achieve their goals and dreams, while building a culture that is both fun, professional and productive.

Vision & Mission


TAKE OWNERSHIP.  Be accountable for your actions and responsible for the outcome

  • I take ownership and pride in my work, I set my standards high
  • I am responsible for my actions and accountable for the outcomes
  • I deliver consistently and produce quality results
  • I carry out my duties in a professional, diligent and responsible manner

DELIVER LEADERSHIP.  Motivate myself and others to succeed and make it happen!

  • I show initiative and motivate myself and others while performing my duties
  • I share my knowledge, inspire others to achieve and listen  to ideas from others
  • I make it happen, lead by example for others to follow and exceed expectations
  • I am a team player and offer, seek and accept assistance when required

BRING YOUR BEST SELF!  Authentic, genuine and honest

  • I bring the best possible version of myself everyday
  • I am authentic, I am genuine and I am honest with myself and my team (even when the truth hurts)
  • I maintain a high level of open and honest communication and communicate my inability to keep an agreement at the first available opportunity
  • I accept and offer constructive feedback, am reliable and only make agreements I intend to keep

CREATE WOW!  Everyday moments of positive surprises

  • I look for moments to create positive ‘wow’ reactions  amongst my  team and clients
  • I share a passion for learning and initiate change to do things better
  • I see the positive in every situation
  • I seek opportunities to do more with less, master the power of leverage

CHOOSE YOUR  ATTITUDE.  Find something to be grateful for

  • I maintain a positive, fun and happy attitude in the workplace
  • I choose my reaction to situations and find things to be grateful for
  • I respect myself and treat others with the same level of curtesy and respect they deserve
  • I show integrity and avoid situations that may cause conflict of interest

WORK SAFE. Go home safe

  • I understand the “Future Fitouts Way” and our commitment to WHS, Quality and Environmental Policies
  • I comply with all Future Fitouts policies, procedures and work instructions and relevant legislative requirements
  • I maintain accurate records
  • I look after myself and my colleagues

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